Avicenna Mausoleum

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Abu Ali Sina square, Hamadan, Hamadan province, Iran
Visiting time:
Spring and Summer 9-21; Autumn and Winter 9-18
About: Avicenna Mausoleum

Avicenna is one of the renowned scientists and geniuses of Iran and the world whose works, especially “The Canon” which was a medical encyclopedia, have been translated in several languages and taught for years in the most prestigious universities all around the world. This brilliant scientist has eminent works and profound knowledge about various sciences including philosophy, mathematics, medicine, natural science, occult science, music, and psychology. He has authored 450 books on a variety of fields, mostly medicine and philosophy. In his “History of Science”, George Sarton mentions Avicenna as one of the greatest medical thinkers and scientists. His most famous works are “The Book of Healing” and “The Canon of Medicine”. 
The current tomb of Avicenna is in the houses of Abu Sa’id Dakhuk, his old friend. Avicenna spent some time at his house as a guest. The remains of his body were transferred to and buried in that house. The tombs of both of them are located there. This monument was built by the great architect, Hooshang Seyhoun. The construction of this monument was inspired by Gonbad-e Qabus (Qabus Dome), an architectural masterpiece in Islamic history of Iran. 
Avicenna’s birthday, i.e. August 23, is commemorated as the National Doctors’ Day in Iran.

General Specifications
Avicenna Mausoleum
Since his son was Ali and his ancestor Sina, (Ali bin Hossein bin Abda.. bin Sina( Abu Ali Sina (bu Ali Sina, he was called.
The construction of the current building ended at 1954 (1333 in solar calendar)
Engineer Hooshang Seyhoun
Architectural style
The blueprint of this mausoleum was designed from upon the oldest architectural masterpiece of Iran's Islamic period, meaning Gonbad-e Qabus.
Duration of visit
One hour
Nearest tourist attractions
Qorban tower
Special Offer
Visit free of charge if you have Senescence Card
Perfect activity for a rainy day?
Access route
Abu Ali Sina square, Hamadan, Hamadan province, Iran
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Avicenna Mausoleum
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