Alavian Dome, Hamadan

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Chaharbagh Alavian, near Emamzade Abdullah square, Hamadan, Iran
Visiting time:
Spring and Summer 9-20; Autumn and Winter 9-18
About: Alavian Dome, Hamadan

Based on the technical identity of the monument, this dome is remaining from late Seljuk era in sixth hijri century which was first established as a mosque by Alavian Family. In the next periods, it wsa changed into a tomb for Alavian family by creating a cellar in the basement. This monument is one of the architectural and molding masterpieces after Islam in Hamedan and was registered in the list of national monuments on 1310/10/15 with registration number 94.

General Specifications
Alavian Dome
This building used to have a dome, of which nothing remains and its known as Alavian Dome because it was built by the Alavi clan.
Seljuk dynasty
Alavi clan
Special features
Beautiful construction, unique architecture and stucco have made this building into one of the old architectural heritages of Iran.
Similar relics and places
Gonbad-e-Sorkh of Maragheh, Heidarieh dome of Qazvin
Nearest tourist attractions
Ancient Ecbatana city, tomb of Esther and Mordechai
Access route
Chaharbagh Alavian, near Emamzade Abdullah square, Hamadan, Iran
Alavian Dome, Hamadan
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