Azadi Hotel Hamadan

Eram boulevard, Qaem square, Hamadan, Iran
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About: Azadi Hotel Hamadan

هتل آزادی نزدیک عباس آباد همدان و بازارچه محلی در منطقه ای خوش آب و هوا و نه چندان شلوغ شهر واقع شده است. از یک سمت نمای عباس آباد و از سمت دیگر خیابان مشاهده می شود. و همینطور پارک بزرگی برای پیاده روی مقابل هتل قرار دارد که سفره خانه سنتی نیز در همان پارک وجود دارد. هتل آزادی همدان حدود 15 دقیقه تا مرکز شهر فاصله دارد بنابراین دسترسی آسان و سریع به مناطق گردشگری و دیدنی همدان را فراهم می نماید.

General Specifications
Azadi Hotel Hamadan
Star rating
4 star
How to access
Taxi, personal vehicle
Distance from the airport
30 minutes by car
Distance from the terminal
9 kilometers
Distance from the city center
About 15 minutes
Facilities of the hotel
Access for the disabled with wheelchair
Number of floors
Number of rooms
40 to 50
Coffee Shop
Green space
Conference Room
Swimming pool
Taxi service
Sauna Jacuzzi
Internet Caf
More facilities
Photocopier, fax, printer, Pastry, wedding hall.
Room facilities
Western toilet
Heating system
Cooling system
Room service
Internet in room
Satellite television
Safe box
Fire alarm
More facilities
Paid minibar, cardkey locks, hygienic supplies, tea maker.
Reception and Reservation
Familiar languages
Working hours
Room delivery at 14:00 and room evacuation at 12:00
Cancellation Policy
If cancellation is informed before 48 hours to the reserved date, 20% of the cost of s single night's stay will be deducted; if informed before 24 hours 50% and if informed on the reserved day, 80% of a single night's stay will be deducted as penalty.
Rates for foreign guests
same rate
More details
According to the tariff of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism department, those under 2 years of age are exempt from paying any fee, young people between 2 to 6 years are considered children and the price for an additional person aged between 2 and 6 is half, whereas it is full price for an additional person over the age of 6.
Advantage & Disadvantage of Azadi Hotel Hamadan
Advantage of Azadi Hotel Hamadan
  • Free internet and breakfast
  • Bathtubs in some units
  • Housekeeping services
  • Good treatment of staff
  • Great location
  • Facilities for the disabled
  • Car rental with driver
Disadvantage of Azadi Hotel Hamadan
  • Not heeding the guests' requests
  • Extra services are mere mattresses.
Azadi Hotel Hamadan
Room prices of Azadi Hotel Hamadan
Update: 2017-05-11
یک تخته
3,700,000 Rials
دو تخته دبل
3,700,000 Rials
دو تخته توئین
3,700,000 Rials
7,600,000 Rials
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