Ashuradeh Island

The largest Iranian island in the Caspian Sea

About: Ashuradeh Island

It is located in the western part of Bandar Torkaman, the greatest Iranian island in the Caspian Sea, in Miankaleh peninsula. Ashuradeh consisted of three almost attached islands in the past. The two small ending islands drowned under water over centuries and Ashuradeh is vacant and half-drowned for the same reason.
Ashuradeh is an old island with a vicissitudinous history. It was the hunting ground of Safavid kings for some time and it was occupied by Russian for some other time. This island has few residents at the moment, most of whom are sturgeon fishermen and employees of Fisheries Organization. About 40 percent of the sturgeon fish in the country is caught by fishermen of this island and Bandar Torkaman. It is 10 kilometers from Bandar Torkaman Port to Ashuradeh Island. If you wish to travel to this area by your own car, you can park your car in the port and use fast boats to go to Ashuradeh Island to visit the only residential island in the Caspian Sea and have lunch and spend some time in the island. When you return from the island, it is recommended to visit the local bazaar in the port and visit the historical area of Gamishan with its special architecture 15 kilometers from Bandar Torkaman and visit the lagoon in the area.
Don’t miss the special climate, vacant ports and buildings, numerous birds living in the island, original land and sea, wild fruits and spectacular sand hills of the region.

General Specifications
Ashuradeh Island
Geographical features
Of the islands of Caspian sea
Special features
The largest Iranian island in the Caspian Sea
Important parts to visit
Historical sites of Bandar Turkmen
Best time to visit
Spring until early Fall
Nearest tourist attractions
Bandar Turkmen
Access route
10 kilometers from Bandar Turkmen, Bandar Turkmen, Golestan, Iran
How to access
Fast boats that take the passangers to the island from Bandar Turkmen.
Ashuradeh Island

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