Gol e Ramian Spring

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Gol-e Ramian spring is located in the south of Ramian town, one of the environs of Gulistan province. Gol-e Ramian spring is in the form of a natural pool with a 90 meter length, an 80 meter width and a depth variable between 44 to 80 meters, and it is located in the 320 meter height of the sea level. This spring is located in the 5 kilometer distance of south of Ramian town and in the 85 kilometer distance of Gorgan. This district is connected in three sides to forests and in one side to farm lands.

General Specifications
Gol e Ramian Spring
In Turkish, the word "Göl" refers to a deep area of land in which water has been accumulated
Animal features
Common roach, insects and molluscs
Plant features
Dense broadleaf forests especially the valuable specie of cypress and oak trees and hawthorn trees
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Nearest tourist attractions
Sorkheh kamar waterfall and Bagh Qasr
Access route
Gol e Ramian is located in Golestan province and it's 5 kilometers to the south of Ramian city
Access to vehicles
Network coverage
Gol e Ramian Spring

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