Jahan Nama Village

Summer resort village of Golestan

About: Jahan Nama Village

Jahan Nama village is a country side village with very primitive facilities which has multiplied its beauty, as staying in this district maximizes the relationship and interaction of man with nature.
Jahan Nama village has spectacular and unique scenes for its natural position, especial climate and also because of being located in Jahan Nama preserved district. The view of heights, springs, rivers and forests have an incredible freshness and beauty especially during the first three seasons of the year, and many tourists are attracted to this place. The neighboring heights of this village with high climaxes and variable plant and animal coverage is considered as its unique attractions.
Jahan Nama village is located right in the hill side of Jahan Nama Mountain which has a 3 thousand and 86 meter height from sea level, which means that walking in Jahan Nama is like walking on the rooftop of Gulistan.

General Specifications
Local language
The people of Jahan Nama speak Mazandarani and Katuli languages
Customs and traditions
Nowruz feasts and religious ones such as Eid al-Fitr, local music
Local products and souvenirs
The Major crops of the village include , barley, potatoes and vegetable. Dairy products can also be named as the animal products of the village.
Important parts to visit
The old Kamarsak cemetery, Radkan Tower, Jahan Nama forest area
Best time to visit
Access route
Jahan Nama village is located in Golestan province, 60 kilmeters southeast of Kordkuy city and 85 kilometers southwest of Gorgan.
Access to vehicles
Network coverage
More details
You can rent accomodation from the villager.
Jahan Nama Village
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