Triple Lagoons of Golestan Province

International wetlands of Alma gol, Ala gol and Aji gol

About: Triple Lagoons of Golestan Province

In the plain meadow of Turkman Sahra and in the northern border of Iran with Turkmenistan and approximately in the west of “Dashli Borun” village toward the Caspian Sea, in tectonics terms and for existence of branches of Atrak river in this region, a set of incredible ponds have been formed. These lagoons include: Almagol, Alagol, Ajigol, Incheh, Daneshmand, Bibi Shirvan, Shour, etc. which their whole area change according to high water and draught years. Although sometimes these ponds are mentioned as lakes in geographical maps, but as they all have a depth lower than 6 meters, they are all considered as ponds according to the definition of Ramsar convention.

General Specifications
Triple Wetlands of Golestan Province
"Gol" means lake in turkish and the names of the lakes mentioned above mean Salty and muddy lakes in Turkamani
Ss، Ts، R ، P، W
Have less than 6 meters of depth
Geographical features
These wetlands are located in Turkmen desert plains and in the area of sand hills' area and sandy terrains
Animal features
A variety of native and migratory birds, fish, amphibians and etc
Plant features
Reed, sedge, Typha, yarrow and etc
Protected area
Best time to visit
Access route
The wetlands are located in "Dashli Burun" district of Gonbad e Qabus county in Golestan Province. The access route to these wetlands are from the city of Gorgan towards Aqqala and Incheh Borun
Access to vehicles
Triple Lagoons of Golestan Province
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