Golestan National Park

Iran's The largest natural park

About: Golestan National Park

Golestan National Park or Golestan Forest is a protected area in the east of Golestan Province and west of Northern Khorasan. This area is the oldest registered national park in Iran and a rare wildlife shelter that has included 1350 plant species and 302 animal species, about half the mammal species in Iran in about 900 square kilometers and that is why it has been registered in UNESCO list as the biosphere reserve of the world heritage. One eighth of the plant species, one third of bird species and more than 50 percent of mammal species live in this park.

General Specifications
Golestan National Park
Animal features
Urial, leopard, brown bear, pinemarten, owl, pheasant, partridge, See-see partridge, Little bustard, Sandgrouse, blackbreast and etc
Plant features
Oak, chestnut-leaved oak, hornbeam, parrotia, maple, tilia, date-plum, ash, velvet maple, Cappadocian maple, Montpellier maple, Caucasian elm, Caucasian oak, alder, checker tree, fig, berry, Scots elm, honeyberry, medlar, hawthorn, Jerusalem thorn, spiny plum and etc
Other features
One eigth of plant species, one third of birds and more than 50 percent of the country's mammal species live in this park.
Best time to visit
Spring, Summer and Fall
Estimated duration for the visit
One day
Access route
15 kilometers from Galikash city, Golestan province, Iran
Drinkable water spring
Network coverage
Golestan National Park

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