Soubatan Highlands

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Soubatan highlands (countryside) is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places of Iran’s nature, which is less known as it is hard to reach. Although it is famous for its indescribable beauty among Iran tourists adventurers. Soubatan is located in the heights of Talesh, but generally all tourists start their walk to this unique village from the southern west side of heights and from the Neor Lake. The best time for travelling to Subatan is late May and early June, when the newly blossomed and scented flowers makes the heavenly beauty of this district one of a kind.

General Specifications
Soubatan Highlands
At the center of Soubatan there are holes that soak the sorrounding floodwaters and perhaps that's why the place is called Soubatan ( a place where water is soaked and drained in the earth)
Animal features
Neor Lake trout in the region
Plant features
Forest trees such as cherry-plum
Best time to visit
Khordad (late May and early June)
Nearest tourist attractions
Ancient cemeteries, Sari Dash (Yellow stone), Alchaliq ( Natural park of cherry plum trees), Hacha Dash and etc
Access route
Gilan, 20 kilometers from the west side of Lisar city from the Talesh county and 36 kilometers northwest of Talesh (Hashtpar) and 19 kilometers southeast of Neor lake
Parking at the beginning
Residence at the beginning
Shelters on the path
Drinkable water spring on the path
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Soubatan Highlands
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