Padidar Khazar Hotel Rudsar

Padidar Khazar beach complex, beach boulevard, Hasansara, Rudsar, 35 kilometers from Ramsar road, Gilan, Iran
Rating 40 - 44 - 67.5
About: Padidar Khazar Hotel Rudsar

هتل پدیدار خزر (مجتمع ساحلی پدیدار) در کنار جاده و در 35 کیلومتری جاده رامسر به رودسر و در کنار دریا و چشم انداز ساحل زیبای خزر با ویلاها ی دوبلکس و سوئیتهای لوکس قرار دارد.

General Specifications
Padidar Khazar Hotel Rudsar
Star rating
4 star
Distance from the airport
35 minutes by car
Facilities of the hotel
Coffee Shop
Green space
Sports room
Swimming pool
Pool club
Taxi service
Room facilities
Iranian toilet
Western toilet
Heating system
Cooling system
Room service
Internet in room
Satellite television
Safe box
Reception and Reservation
Working hours
Room delivery at 14:00 and room evacuation at 12:00
More details
According to the tariff of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism department, those under 2 years of age are exempt from paying any fee, young people between 2 to 6 years are considered children and the price for an additional person aged between 2 and 6 is half, whereas it is full price for an additional person over the age of 6.
Advantage & Disadvantage of Padidar Khazar Hotel Rudsar
Advantage of Padidar Khazar Hotel Rudsar
  • Children below 2 are free of charge
  • Free parking
  • Children 2 to 5 half price if they don't use the extra services
  • Tricket procurement and money transfer services
  • Dart house and pool salon
  • Sea view from some rooms
  • Housekeeping services
  • Kitchen and tea maker in suites
  • Services for the handicapped
  • Children's parks
  • Satellite in units facing the sea
  • Terr
Disadvantage of Padidar Khazar Hotel Rudsar
  • Outdoor parking
  • Getting 9% Value Adde Tax from the guests
  • Paid internet
Padidar Khazar Hotel Rudsar
Room prices of Padidar Khazar Hotel Rudsar
Update: 2017-05-11
دو نفره دبل رو به دریا
No room available.
دو نفره توئین رو به دریا
No room available.
دو تخته دبل رو به جنگل
No room available.
دو تخته توئین رو به جنکل
No room available.
No room available.
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