Bahar Beach Hotel Rudsar

Eastern side of the sea coast, at the end of Shohada street, Rudsar, Gilan, Iran
Rating 66 80 80 - 100
About: Bahar Beach Hotel Rudsar

Bahar beach hotel is located at the beautiful sandy beach with a pleasant view to Roudsar city and Somamos Mountain. The mesmerizing lagoon which is largely similar to Anzali lagoon is located at the back of Bahar hotel and the back rooms of the hotel have a view to the lagoon and mountain. Watching the eye-catching view of Somamos Mountain through the hotel attracts any tourist. The distance between the hotel and the beach is 100 meters and to the lagoon is 50 meters.
Bahar traditional restaurant is located beside a beautiful lagoon at the back of the hotel and the guests can spend perfect times in family gazebos near the lagoon.
Bahar restaurant with its beautiful internal architecture and unique view to the sea is located on the first floor and provides a variety of local and sea foods and also a variety of Kebab.

General Specifications
Bahar Beach Hotel Rudsar
Star rating
3 star
Distance from the airport
50 kilometers
Facilities of the hotel
Coffee Shop
Green space
Sports room
Swimming pool
Traditional tea house
Room facilities
Iranian toilet
Western toilet
Heating system
Cooling system
Room service
Internet in room
Satellite television
Safe box
Reception and Reservation
Familiar languages
Working hours
Room delivery at 14:00 and room evacuation at 12:00
Rates for foreign guests
same rate
More details
Reception hour during Nowruz and special holidays is at 15:00.
Advantage & Disadvantage of Bahar Beach Hotel Rudsar
Advantage of Bahar Beach Hotel Rudsar
  • Emergency power
  • Free breakfast
  • Free minibar
  • Terrace overlooking the sea
  • Boatriding and jet ski
  • Living room in suites
  • Space for non-smokers
  • Free parking and internet
  • Traditional restaurant in the swamp
Disadvantage of Bahar Beach Hotel Rudsar
  • Slow internet
  • The voices of the staff canbe heard from some rooms
  • No Iranian toilets available in some units
  • No Western toilets available in some units
Bahar Beach Hotel Rudsar
Room prices of Bahar Beach Hotel Rudsar
Update: 2017-05-11
دو تخته دبل رو به تالاب
1,430,000 Rials
سوئیت دو نفره رو به ساحل
1,860,000 Rials
سوئیت چهار نفره رو به ساحل
2,580,000 Rials
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