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Damash village

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Damash village is located in the green and fresh nature of Gilan and is one of the environs of the beautiful town of Rudbar. This village is located in an intact district and hosts a fresh mineral water and the rare flower of Lilium ledebourii.

White lily was first discovered by an explorer named Ledebourii and was registered as a national relic in 1975 by environment department of Gilan province.

Lilium ledebourii can only be found in two districts of the world, one is the Ammarlou district of Damash village and the other is Lankaran in Azerbaijan republic. Only a two hectare field grows Lilium ledebourii in the whole world and this area is wholly fenced and preserved and all flowers are numbered.

General Specifications
Local language
Customs and traditions
Sousan-e Chehel Cheraagh flower festival, local games such as Gilemardi wrestling, tug of war, leapfrog, wood play (wood dance), Tish play ( a type of local game) and etc
Local products and souvenirs
Variety of fruits and dairy
Best time to visit
Late spring and early summer
Similar villages and monuments
Sousan-e Chehel Cheraagh flower can only be found in two locations on earth, one in Amarlu district of Damasch village and the other in Lankaran city in the Republic of Azerbaijan
Access route
Gilan, 48 kilometers southeast of Rudbar, Damasch village
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Damash Village Sousan-e Chelcheragh
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