Saravan Forest Park

About: Saravan Forest Park

Saravan forest park is one of the oldest forest fields of Gilan which for its various plant species is rare across the country and even across the world. There is a small pond at the entrance of Saravan forest park which is incredibly beautiful. This pond has a wooden platform and two swan shaped boats for wandering on the water.
Moreover, a part of this park is allocated to the Rural Heritage Museum of Gilan which is the first rural museum of the country.
Saravan forest park where is located in the 15 kilometer distance of Rasht city every day hosts the tourists travelling to this area and it has facilities such as children playground, residential cottages and parking.

General Specifications
Saravan Forest Park
Animal features
A variety of birds and animals such as pheasant, partridge, woodpecker, tawny owl, rabbit, weasel and various reptiles and insects
Plant features
Oak, hornbeam and parrotia, alder and elm species, pinus taeda, scots pine, cupressus arizonica and cypress
Important parts to visit
Rural Heritage Museum of Gilan, Jungles and etc
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Access route
Gilan province,15 kilometers from Rasht
Platforms for piching tents and pavillions are availabe
Network coverage
Saravan Forest Park
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