Avishi Cave

The longest cave in Gilan

About: Avishi Cave

One of the beautiful attractions and phenomena of Gilan province which is one of a kind is Avishi cave located in a district with the same name, in the 40 kilometer distance to the west of Shanderman town and Masal town.

This cave is one of the rarest caves of the country, located in the heart of the forests of Masal town, and the various cressets and beautiful waterfalls can attract any observer.

General Specifications
Avishi Cave
Taken from the name of Avishi region
Geological history
Geological studies estimate its date to around 75 million years ago
Physical features of the cave
The dimensions of the enterance are as followed : 19 meters height, 14 meters vidth and more than 2 kilometers of length
Special features
The longest cave of Gilan
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Nearest tourist attractions
Taskuh and Ari dul forest area, Asbe Reese archeological site
Access route
Avishi region in 40 kilometers southwest of Shanderman city,Masal county, 50 kilometers northwest of Rasht, Gilan province, Iran
Access to vehicles
Avishi Cave

Tourist attractions of Masal

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