Rudkhan Castle

23 kilometers southwest of Fuman county, Gilan, Iran
Visiting time:
From 8 to 19, but from 8 to 16 during winter.
About: Rudkhan Castle

Iran has numerous castles. However, most of them are in dry areas. Rudkhan Castle is one of a few castles that is located in the forest.
Rudkhan Castle or Hesami Castle is the name of a historical castle, 20 kilometers from the south west of Fuman in Gilan Province. Some experts believe that the castle was built in Sassanid period at the time of Arabs attack to Iran.
This castle is located at a height between 665 to 715 meters from the sea level and a river with the same name runs beside it.
This castle was recorded in the list of national and historical monuments list of Iran in 30th Mordad 1354 with number 3/1549 as one of the historical monuments of Iran for its historical value and its structure, architecture and strategic and martial properties.

General Specifications
Rudkhan Castle
Sassanid era
Seljuk dynasty
Best time to visit
Spring until early Fall
Nearest tourist attractions
Fusheh village
Access route
23 kilometers southwest of Fuman county, Gilan, Iran
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Rudkhan Castle
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