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Sacred Lotus Lagoon

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Anzali Lagoon with an area of about 20 thousand hectares in the north of Iran is located in Gilan Province. Anzali Lagoon is one of the most interesting and greatest natural habitats of fauna in Iran and annually welcomes many birds that enter Iran from the neighboring countries. Anzali Lagoon is not comparable to any other lagoons in Iran due to its geographical position and in terms of its high humidity and water. The most famous plant in Anzali Lagoon which is world famous is “nelubium capsicum” which makes this lagoon be called nelubium capsicum.
One of the most beautiful water landscapes in the region is the international Anzali Lagoon.this lagoon is the place for aquatic spawn and the shelter for native and migratory birds and also the most important source of sturgeon and bony fish production in the Caspian Sea. There are outstanding islands in the lagoon and the two magnificent cities of Anzali Lagoon and Abkenar are located on its coast.
Anzali Lagoon was registered in 1354 in the list of international lagoons of Ramsar Convention. “Ramsar Convenstion, 1975”. Bird Life International Organization declared this lagoon as an important shelter birds.
Anzali Lagoon is one of the registered international lagoons in Iran. This lagoon is one of the first lagoons registered in Ramsar Convention in 1971.
Since Anzali Lagoon is a registered international lagoon, it is included in the Montreal List at the moment. Being in this list means the lagoon is being dried and needs attention.
Anzali Lagoon has a sister city relationship with Kushiro Lagoon in the Kushiro National Park in Kushiro-Shitsugen.

General Specifications
Anzali Lagoon
Currenty its depth is one and half to at most two meters.
Animal features
Herons, Anatidae, Podiceps, Black-necked grebe, Little crake, Larus and etc are of the birdsof this lagoon and it is themain breeding source of the Sturgeon and Bony fish of the Caspian sea.
Plant features
The lagoon's plantsare divided into the three categories of submerged, floating and marginal plants. Sacred Lotus is one of the most important plants of this lagoon.
Protected area
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Duration of visit
One hour
Nearest tourist attractions
Siah Darvishan Wetland
Access route
Southwest of Bandar Anzali, 40 kilometers north of Rasht, Gilan, Iran
Access to vehicles
Network coverage
Anzali Lagoon
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Please see sturgeon fish culture in Bandar anzali 14 kilometer toward astara sangachin saheli 2
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