Laton Waterfall

Iran's highest waterfall

About: Laton Waterfall

Although the waterfalls in Iran are not comparable to the world’s waterfalls in terms of height, apart from their height, other properties such as waterfall width, output water volume, being plunge or cascade as well as environmental factors such as regional climate and natural sights surrounding the waterfall and local beliefs might be influential in their popularity. No accurate studies have been carried out on the height of important waterfalls in Iran. However, according to nature experts’ experiences and scholars’ ideas, Laton Waterfall in Astara can be considered the highest waterfall in Iran with a height of 105 meters. After that, Vorvar Waterfall and Serankuh Waterfall are located in Barez Mountains in Kerman with a height about 100 meters and Shevi Waterfall is located in Dezful Mountain Hall and Kermanshah Piran in Rijab Area with a height of more than 80 meters.
Laton Waterfall is located in Astara County, Lavandevil City and Kuteh Kumeh Village with longitude and latitude of 38o and 19’ N and 48o and 43’ E. This waterfall with a height of about 105 meters has two high steps from where water is released up to the point where water flows on. The water volume is different in different months of the year but it flows permanently in all seasons.

General Specifications
Laton Waterfall
105 meters
Geographical features
Laton waterfall stems from the eastern slopes of Espinas mountain and reaches the 17 kilometer Lavandevil river. This river runs towards Kuteh Kumeh and Lavandevil villages and finally flows into the Caspian sea.
Animal features
Of the animal varitey surrounding the Laton waterfall, wolves, boars, bears (rare), hedgehogs, horses, cows and etc can be reffered to.
Plant features
On the fringes of this forest waterfall, there are trees of plum, pear, walnut, hazelnut and wild apple .
Best time to visit
Spring or late winter
Duration of visit
One day
Nearest tourist attractions
Laton castle and Espinas peak, َabandoned Asiyo Shevan village, Waterfalls of the region.
Special Offer
Definately travel alongside a professional ecotourism or mountaineering group in order to avoid any unpredicted difficulties.
Access route
6 kilometers from Kuteh Kumeh village, Kuteh Kumeh village, Landevil city, 15 kilometers south of Astara county, Gilan province, Iran
How to access
از لوند ویل یك راه فرعی آسفالته به طرف روستای كوته‌كومه وجود دارد كه بعد از یك ربع شما را به این روستا می رساند. اما از آن به بعد باید به پاهایتان اتکا کنید تا بعد از سه ساعت پیاده روی از میان جنگل ها، صدای آبشار را بشنوید.
Laton Waterfall
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