Estil Lagoon, Astara

Lagoon of the floating trees

About: Estil Lagoon, Astara

Estil Lagoon is 7 kilometers from Astara by Rasht-Astara Road. This lagoon is one of the tourist attractions in Astara.
The ecotourist significance of this lagoon is doubled by the closeness to the road, diversity of natural views like mountains, forests, farms and lands. The western side of the lagoon is covered by forest and ground covered plants and its eastern side contains floating alder trees which have created an interesting view and a relaxation place for travelers in spring and summer. It is considered one of the important tourist attractions.

General Specifications
Estil Lagoon of Astara
Animal features
Common carp and northern pike, rare birds such as the red beaked Chingir
Plant features
Floating alder and water lilly
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Access route
In the vicinity of the road from Rasht to Astara, 7 kilometers from Astara, Gilan, Iran
Network coverage
Estil Lagoon, Astara
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