Shah Cheragh

Next to a square called Ahmadi at the center of Shiraz city, Fars, Iran
About: Shah Cheragh

Shah Cheragh is the tomb of “Mir Seyed Ahmad”, known as Shah Cheragh, who was the son of Musa Al-Kadhim, the seventh Shiite Imam. 
This monument was built in time of the Salghurids of Fars in century 6 AH. Its dome and court enjoys beautiful tilework and mirrorwork. Inside the holy shrine has been skillfully decorated with tiny colorful mirrors, and beautiful Persian and Arabic scripts have ornamented around the mirrors and tiles. 
Shah Cheragh’s Shrine is located in the west of the yard, and Seyed Mir Mohammad’s Shrine lies in the northeast. 
This place was registered in Iran’s National Heritage in 1942 under the registration number of 363. 
Extensive facilities like police station, post office, telecommunications network, library, and museum have been provided there for people’s convenience.

General Specifications
Shah Cheragh
This place was built during the reign of Salghurids during the sixth century lunar calendar.
Queen Tashi Khatun
Architectural style
Best time to visit
After the Maghrib prayer
Nearest tourist attractions
Nasir ol Molk Mosque
Special Offer
Also visit the Qavam Narenjestan and Zinat Al-Moluk House, which are near this place.
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Access route
Next to a square called Ahmadi at the center of Shiraz city, Fars, Iran
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Shah Cheragh
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