Eram Garden, Shiraz

Eram boulevard, Shiraz, Fars, Iran
Visiting time:
8 am to 12:30 pm 14: 30 to 19:30 (tickets up to 19)
About: Eram Garden, Shiraz

Eram Garden is a beautiful historical garden located in the northwest of Shiraz. It is a one-of-a-kind historical garden which as registered in the list of World Heritage in the 35th convension of UNESCO World Heritage Committee in 2011. The garden includes some great artistic-historical monuments and botanical gardens.             
Among the cypresses of this street, there is a tall cypress which is noticeable from a long distance. This tree is called “Sarv-e Naz” (Elegant Cypress) because of its unique features. Historians estimate that this cypress is one thousand years. The mansion of the garden belongs to Qajar period, and the tilework on the front of part of the central porch and around it is among the most interesting tilework of Qajar period, which cannot be seen in other monuments of Qajar era.

General Specifications
Eram Garden
The date of Eram Garden is unkown and its mansion was built during the Qajar era.
It was improved during the Karim Khan Zand period and its manson was built during the Qajar era.
The mansion was built by Nasir ol Molk during the reign of Naser al-Din Shah.
Special features
The garden is abundant with plant diversity and vegetation from around the world have been planted in the garden.
UNESCO World Heritage
Best time to visit
During daylight
Duration of visit
One hour
Access route
Eram boulevard, Shiraz, Fars, Iran
How to access
Taxi, bus
Access to vehicles
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Eram Garden, Shiraz
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