Margoon Waterfall

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Margoon is the name of a waterfall located in the western valleys of Sepidan County. The height of this waterfall is 70 meters and its width is 100 meters.
Margoon Waterfall is located in Margoon Village. This village is a part of Komehr Village in Sepidan County (previously known as Ardakan). This waterfall is on eof the greatest and most glorious waterfalls in Iran that is comparable to Shevi Waterfall in Lorestan in terms of beauty, greatness and water release volume.
This waterfall is in fact the source of a river and there are no rivers at the top of the mountain but there are several thousand springs on the mountain body from which water come out.

General Specifications
Margoon Waterfall
Taken from the name of the village in the region.
It has been estimated between 70 to more than 120 meters.
Plant features
Fritillaries and colorful hollyhocks and other wild flowers.
Other features
There are more than a thousand springs on the rocky body of the mountain. This waterfall is one of the biggest and highest spring waterfalls in the world.
Duration of visit
One day
Similar relics and places
Shevi waterfall of Lorestan
Necessary tools and equipment
Clothing, picnic equipment, tent and etc
Nearest tourist attractions
Pooladkaf ski resort
Access route
Near Margoon village, 48 kilometers north of Ardakan, Fars province, Iran
Access to vehicles
a flat areahas been prepared which is suitable for residing and pitching tents.
More details
Trash bin has also been installed in the area.
Margoon Waterfall

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