Jiz Canyon

About: Jiz Canyon

Jiz canyon is a recreational and attractive valley between Bourki and Khest, aside to Imam Zadeh Ali village. When you pass this village, there is a canyon showing off in front of you. Since the beginning, you would see a desolated mill which according to the residents, its wheels used to move by the waters of Jiz canyon.
The beautiful spring of “Barounzani” with a sweet and fresh water is located in the Jiz canyon mountain of Khesht. Inside this canyon, in addition to the existence of this lovely spring, there are also relics left from the Sassanid and Islamic eras such as Qale Dokhtar, water streams made of mortar, and stone made ponds.   
At the end of this canyon, the spring water leaks beautifully from the mountain in form of rain drops.

General Specifications
Jiz Canyon
Animal features
Aquatic creatures such as small fish and crabs and frogs and etc
Plant features
Maidenhair ferns and Tikabs aplenty
Important parts to visit
Beautiful Barunzani spring, remnants of the Sassanid and Islamic eara such as the Maiden castle, water ditch made of Sarooj and stone pools
Best time to visit
Spring and Fall
Access route
4 kilometers from Khesht city, 64 kilometers from Kazerun, Fars, Iran
Drinkable water spring on the path
Network coverage
Jiz Canyon
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