Daffodil Flowerbed of Kazerun

About: Daffodil Flowerbed of Kazerun

The Daffodil Flowerbed of Kazerun or Narcissus meadow of Kazerun is the name of a vast field with an area of 65 hectares in Kazerun town. The largest pat of the Narcissuses of this town is in Jarreh, Bolbolak, Sar Mashhad and Famour districts, that all are located in the Jarreh and Baladeh County of Kazeroun town. The Narcissus flowers of this town has a fine freshness and quality and include various types such as N. Tazzeta, Shahla  and ordinary Narcissus, which among them, Shahla Narcissus is famous for its spectacular scent and beauty. January and February is the months when Narcissus flowers bloom and at this time, many of those interested in the nature visit this area.
The Narcissus of Kazerun is sent to Isfahan, Tehran and the towns of the southern coast of the Persian Gulf, for its high quality.

General Specifications
Daffodil Flowerbed of Kazerun
Plant features
Narcissus flower plains
Special features
Narcissus flower plain
Best time to visit
Dey and Bahman (Late December until early Febuary)
Nearest tourist attractions
Kazerun fire temple, Lake Parishan
Access route
Jereh, Kazerun city, Fars, Iran
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Daffodil Flowerbed of Kazerun
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