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A giant step in registering a vilaage in Fars Province in UNESCO
Lay Zangan is a village in Rastagh sector of Darab County in Fars Province in Iran.
Naming the main street of Lay Zangan Village in Darab as “Ketab” (meaning Book) was the first step in registering a book lover village in UNESCO.
Once, Iranians would recite Golestan, Hafiz Divan, Shahnameh and Marzban Nameh in their get togethers, while today people spend their time surfing on Whatsapp and useless chats in virtual space when they are together.
Although migration from villages is highly widespread, it has been about half a century that the population of this village has not decreased but it has increased day by day and that is due to the rich culture of the people in this village.
The history of cultural activities of this village is sent to the world organization of UNESCO in the form of a document so that an elegant name for the people of “Darre Farzanegan” (meaningValley of the Sage) will be registered in the world as the book lover village.
T is noteworthy that Lay Zangan Village is famous for having the greatest plain of rainfed and organic Damask Rose in the world.

General Specifications
Zaenanah, which is Zena in Avesta language, which means valley and Lay means vigilant, which means a valley whose inhabitants are vigilant.
Local products and souvenirs
Roses, almond, walnut, apricot, pomegranate, currant, fig, peach, tangerine, berry, plum and etc
Lay Zangan village is worldly famous for having the largest rainfed organic meadow of Damask rose.
Important parts to visit
Gardens and caves in the region of Lay Zangan village
Best time to visit
Spring until early Fall
Special Offer
It is recommended to participate in the Rose festival which takes place anually in themonth of Khordad (late May till early June)
Access route
Lay Zangan village, Rostaq district, Darab county, Fars province, Iran
Network coverage
More details
For accommodation you can get help from the villagers and miht be able to rent a room.
Lay Zangan Village
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