Raghz Canyon of Darab

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Darab has several unique, natural and historical scenes that can be visit and are truly unknown. If your destination is more concerned with natural places, then your first choice should be the very beautiful canyon of Raghz which is one of the most incredible and beautiful canyons of Iran. Raghz Canyon although is a known name by mountain climbers and nature lovers of Iran, but its main name in the local language is Roudkhiz Canyon and it has a water as clear as the tears of the eye.
In Raghz Canyon, water and stone have created different scenes of natural architecture in their collision throughout thousands of years. Each waterfall or pond is different than the other and each has its own beauty. The large and tall walls of Raghz sometimes meet during the way and resemble a cave, and sometimes they become further from each other and create a very beautiful area. The ear soothing sound of waterfall, the beautiful ups and downs, swimming in the clear ponds and seeing the beautiful trout fishes are all samples of attractive and memorable moments of presence in the beautiful canyon of Raghz.

General Specifications
Raghz Canyon of Darab
Raghz canyon of Darab is the name of a canyon or valley which means untrodden and slippery path.
The maximum height of the canyon's waterfalls is 65 meters.
Plant features
The vegetation of the path include Amygdalus scoparia, Pistacia atlantica, Barnuk, pomogranate, Wel, marjoram, pennyroyal, adiantum
Important parts to visit
Best time to visit
Late Ordibehesht until late Mehr ( early May until late October)
Duration of visit
The required time for descent is one day
Similar relics and places
Other canyons of Fars province
Necessary tools and equipment
Wind deflector jackets and trousers, life jacket or diving suit. Considering the heat, having a bivouac is sufficent for spending the night. Sheets insect repellent, rock climbing equipment, sportshoes, flashlight
Special Offer
Having proper swimming skills are essential. You must also be familiar with descent and basic rock grappling and should be daring and physically fit.
Access route
Raghz canyon of Darab is loacted in Fasarud district, 25 kilometers northwest of Darab city in a region named Hasanabad, south east of Fars province.
Access to vehicles
There's an appropriate place for parking cars at the start of the valley
More details
The water in the entire canyon is drinkable, but the best qulity water is found near the fountain where it gushes out from the heart of the earth.
Raghz Canyon of Darab
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