Fadami Waterfall

About: Fadami Waterfall

Fadami waterfall is one of the spectacular attractions of Fars province. A springs emerges from the heart of a mountain and provides water for Fadami waterfall. This beautiful waterfall considerably reduces the saltiness of the river and quenches the neighboring lands.
One of the features of Fadami waterfall is that this waterfall include both fresh and salty water. The fresh water of the waterfall is very cool and tasty in summer and is warm in winters, and the salty water is vice versa, which is one of the features of this waterfall. 

General Specifications
Fadami Waterfall
10 to 20 meters
Plant features
Palm and reed beds
Other features
Having permanent and fresh water is of the valuable features of this waterfall; since most of the water sources in the area are seasonal and salty.
Best time to visit
Access route
Fars province, Forg district of Darab county, 8 kilometers northwest of Fadami city
Access to vehicles
Network coverage
Fadami Waterfall
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