Kasin Village and Castle

About: Kasin Village and Castle

Kasin village is in a scenic area located in a distance of 4-5 Kilometers from Varzeqan county, it has a historic castle dating back more than3000 years ago and spas of yel soei, ghotor soei, salikh soei are among the most spectacular points in Qarrah Dagh. Due to locating next to Ahar, it has green and pretty gardens which attracts many enthusiasts to itself. 

General Specifications
3000 years
Local language
Azerbaijani Turkish
Customs and traditions
Shabih Khani ceremony of Ashura day and wedding ceremonies accompanied by musical insturemnts and drums.
Local products and souvenirs
Honey, apple and carpet
Has historical castle and fertile lands.
Important parts to visit
Kasin castle, ancient graveyard of the village, the springs around the village
Best time to visit
Access route
5 kilometers from Varzaqan, Varzaqan county, East Azerbaijan, Iran
Kasin Village and Castle
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