Golakhir Village and Waterfall

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About: Golakhir Village and Waterfall

روستای گل آخئر از توابع دهستان ارزیل بخش خاروانا شهرستان ورزقان و در 70 کیلومتری ورزقان واقع شده است این روستا بدلیل وجود آبشار گل آخئر و نیز آب و هوای ییلاقی منطقه ای مستعد برای گردشگری در استان می باشد که همه ساله هزاران نفر را جهت بازدید از جاذبه هایش بسوی خود می کشاند.


آبشار گل آخئر اززیبا ترین مناظر منطقه ارسباران است .

General Specifications
Golakhir Village and Waterfall
Golakhir means "the lake is flowing"in Azerbaijani Turkish.
Geographical features
This region, in terms of tourism, is on the second place in the province, in which the Golakhir waterfall is one of itsmost beautiful touristic attractions.
Important parts to visit
Golakhir Village and Waterfall
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Duration of visit
One day
Necessary tools and equipment
Required equipment for a single day
Nearest tourist attractions
Qala Jala Daghi (mountain) and the upper highlands of the summit.
Special Offer
There are several smaller waterfalls on the river path worth seeing.
Access route
Arzil rural district, Kharvana district, Varzaqan county, East Azerbaijan province, Iran
There are some, passable, toilets.
There's a small shop and canteen for purchasing the required necessitites.
There are several pavillions for the travelers, therefore, please refrain from camping or pitching tents on the gardens.
More details
There's a drinking water bulagh (sping) nearby.
Golakhir Village and Waterfall
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