Qum Tapa the Desert of Azerbaijan

About: Qum Tapa the Desert of Azerbaijan

Qum Tapeh (hill) is the name of desert hills which is the only desert of Azerbaijan. Qum Tapeh has a considerable distinction with the geographical texture of the district. The heat climax during the hours of the day gives man an experience like presence in the desert. The sand hills of Qum Tapeh was formed during thousands of years while they are not so vast. Camels are kept in the village of this district. This desert with an approximate area of six square kilometers is located in the 30 kilometer distance of Tabriz North West.

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Qum Tapa the Desert of Azerbaijan
Qum Tapa means sand dune in Turkish
The sandy desert of Azerbaijan
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The only desert of Azerbaijan
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Sufian hot springs
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Qum Tapa is located in East Azerbaijan province, 30 kilometers to the northwest of Tabriz, Sufian region, Qum Tapa village.
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Qum Tapa the Desert of Azerbaijan
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