Sahand Mountains

Bride of mountains in Iran

About: Sahand Mountains

Sahand is the name of a volcanic mountain and peak south of Tabriz, north of Maragheh and Hashtrood, west of Bostan Abad, and east of Azarshahr, Ajabshir, and Osku, in the capital of East Azerbaijan Province. This mountain range consists of 17 peaks more than 3000 meters high. The highest peak, Ghoch Goli Daghi (قوچ گلی داغی) , is 3707 meters high that is the highest point in the province located in Bostan Abad County.  
Sahand mountain range is known as "the bride of Iran's mountains" due to its dense vegetation, meadows, and grasslands. The whole mountain is covered with plants. Corn roses and buttercups, rare species of Fritillaria, growing in the mountainside create a beautiful landscape tor tourists and visitors.

General Specifications
Sahand Mountains
Highest peak of Sahand mountains and Azerbaijan is Qoch Goli Daghi with the height of 3707 meters.
Geographical features
Is of the most famous dormant stratovolcanos in Iran.
Plant features
شقایق‌های صحرایی، آلاله و لاله واژگون، گیاهان بومی دارویی
Special features
Best time to visit
Estimated required time for the ascent
One day
Necessary tools and equipment
Mountaineering shoes and equipment
Access route
50 kilometers south of Tabriz, Tabriz, East Azerbaijan, Iran
Drinkable water spring on the path
Sahand Mountains
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