Nikdel House Tabriz

Mirror works decorations have been used in this house and it is in a location full of historical and spectacular places.

No. 7, Maqsudiyeh avenue, clock square, Tabriz, East Azerbaijan, Iran
Visiting time:
9 AM - 16 PM
Entrance fee(Iranian):
About: Nikdel House Tabriz

Nikdel house of Tabriz is full of historic houses that each one reminds Qajar era and its architecture. Amon the historic houses of Tabriz, we can refer to Nikdel house that every person desires to visit it. Certainly visit this house.
This house is among the rare houses in which mirror decorations have been used. 
This house has two inner and outer courtyards; the inner yard has located in southern side and the outer house was in northern side of building. The house was in two story includes a rectangular vault inn its center and a corner room in eastern side of vault. A porch with column in southern side has shaded on beautiful sashes of building. From outer yard, we enter the corner corridors of building via two strings of 13 stairs. The eastern side of inner yard include a small vault and four rooms. Relation of inner and outer yards is through western corridor of main building. Accessibility to outer yard is through an entrance porch in northern side of building. This yard is bigger and includes two stone pools. 
Basement includes spring house and two corridors in sides, central space and two corner rooms in sides of the corridor and one room in eastern side of building. Also, the building has corner rooms above the corridors aside the ground floor, and it got possible due to the height of vault. 

General Specifications
Nikdel House
Named after its owner
Qajar era
Recent era
Special features
Has mirror work decorations.
Best time to visit
Nowruz holidays
Duration of visit
Half an hour
Nearest tourist attractions
All the historical and touristic places of Maqsudiyeh
Access route
No. 7, Maqsudiyeh avenue, clock square, Tabriz, East Azerbaijan, Iran
How to access
Taxi, bus
Access to vehicles
Network coverage
Other Features
This house is one of the most beautiful houses in Tabriz
Nikdel House Tabriz
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