House of Blourchian

Surkhab door neighborhood of Tabriz, East Azerbaijan, Iran
About: House of Blourchian

The existence of 800 historical and ancient house in Tabriz city has turned this town into the capital and showcase of historical houses in Iran. Becoming the Darossaltaneh during the era when Abbas Mirza was the crown prince is the reason of the high number of historical houses in this city. We introduce one of these houses in this part.
Bolourchian’s house is from Qajar dynasty and is located in Tabriz, Sorkhab Qapousi neighborhood, the current art gallery. And this relic was registered in March 15th, 2001 with the registration number of 3113 as one of Iran’s national relics. This house is one of the outstanding and beautiful relics of late Qajar dynasty and its patterned transom attracts the eyes of any observer.

General Specifications
House of Blourchian
Qajar dynasty
Special features
Of the important features of this house is its completeness and symmetry
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Historical houses of Qajar period in Tabriz
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Surkhab door neighborhood of Tabriz, East Azerbaijan, Iran
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House of Blourchian
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