Tourism Hotel Tabriz

در ائل گلی تبریز

Across the lake, El-Goli park, Tehran ring-road, Tabriz, East Azerbaijan, Iran
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About: Tourism Hotel Tabriz

The touristic complex of El Goli is one of the most beautiful parks and the famous  pond of Tabriz. Located in south east of Tabriz , it was established during the Kara Koyun era and expanded during the Safavi era. The depth if the pond is 12 meters and with a memorable vista it has boating capability. This residence contain 3 suits and 40 tent overlooking the El Goli pond. 
This complex is categorized as a guest house according to the hotel ranking system. It is located in the vicinity of the camping grounds overlooking the pond mansion of Shahgoli ; a building which has now been repurposed as a restaurant catering different sorts of cuisine to the honored guests and travelers. Also the El Goli luna park is one of the parts of this complex that the honorable guests can enjoy by staying in the El Goli tourism residence with its pleasurable and sweet weather and many beauties.

General Specifications
Tourism Hotel (El Goli) Tabriz
Star rating
1 star
How to access
Subway, taxi, bus, BRT
Distance from the airport
40 minutes by car
Distance from the terminal
20 minutes by car
Distance from the city center
20 minutes by car
Facilities of the hotel
Coffee Shop
Green space
Taxi service
Prayer room
Room facilities
Iranian toilet
Heating system
Cooling system
Safe box
Reception and Reservation
Working hours
Both room delivery and room evacuation times are at 14:00.
Advantage & Disadvantage of Tourism Hotel Tabriz
Advantage of Tourism Hotel Tabriz
  • It's situated at El-Goli promenade
Disadvantage of Tourism Hotel Tabriz
  • No internet in the lobby or rooms
Tourism Hotel Tabriz
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