Protected Area of Mishodaghi

About: Protected Area of Mishodaghi

Misho Dagh hunting prohibited district with an area of 131426 hectares is located in the north and north west of Shabestar town and in the south and south west of Marand town and in the west of Tesouj town. The important scenes and views of this area such as the green and blooming meadows with permanent rivers, the leisure use in the four season of the year, Darreh Si waterfall beautiful valley, country climax of Gouy-e Zangi and Ali Alamdar, the natural mead of Kharman Yari Shanjan, Payam ski resort, the green gardens of Kashksaray and Yamchi, Shah Abbasi inn, Imam Zadehs and holy shrines are among the important features of this area for enthusiasts of Iran’s nature and history and each year, any tourists are attracted to this place.

General Specifications
Protected Area of Mishodaghi
Geographical features
North and Northwest of Shabestar county, South and Southwest ofMarand county and North of Urmia Lake
Animal features
Different species of reptiles, birds and mammals and amphibians
Plant features
More than 385 known plant species, Vegetation and Endemic diversity of species exclusive to Misho represent the value and importance of the vegetation
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Nearest tourist attractions
Payam Ski Resort
Access route
East Azerbaijan, between Marand and Shabestar Plain
Residence at the beginning
Drinkable water spring on the path
Protected Area of Mishodaghi
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