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Majarshin (Mirza-neshin) is one of the villages in East Azerbaijan province and was located in Gonbarf rural district, central region of Osku County, and in distance of 65 kilometers from Tabriz metropolis. Population of this village has been about 1122 people according to general population and housing census in 1390. Majarshin is a historical village inside the green, intact and mountainous nature of east Azerbaijan province. Majarshin is a mountainous village with stair houses and it is counted as a treasury of historic relics, natural views and diverse tourist attractions. 

General Specifications
Local language
Azerbaijani Turkish
Local products and souvenirs
Walnut, damask rose and raw musk willow
Has stairwise houses, ancient sites and natural touristic attractions.
Important parts to visit
Ancient graveyard, rock houses known as Boshlar, rocky Majarshin mosque.
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Nearest tourist attractions
The mountains and nature around Majarshin.
Access route
Intersection of the two Azarshahr roads to Gonbarf, 20 kilometers from Azarshahr, 30 kilometers from Osku, Osku county, East Azerbaijan, Iran
Access to vehicles
Network coverage
Majarshin Village
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