Hilevar Village

About: Hilevar Village

Underground and historic village, Hilehvar (From environs of Oksu) has been located in distance of 3 kilometers from rocky village of Kandovan. Architecture of this village is exclusive such that its houses in heart of ground is like pretty thickets and with great craved style and they have enough covers.

In fact, because the houses of this village is hidden from passers’ sight, then it has named Hilehvar. Some of the houses are in path of sunset and sunrise which is believed that it is an indicator of people’s beliefs to Mithraism religion. Even some researchers and assumptions about this village know its oldness to median age.

General Specifications
It's been estimated to the Median period.
This village has been dug under ground and is currently uninhabited.
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Duration of visit
Half an hour
Similar villages and monuments
Savar village of Bonab in Bonab county and Varzaqan village, which are both in East Azerbaijan.
Nearest tourist attractions
Rocky village of Kandovan
Special Offer
Also visit the Kandovan village while visiting here.
Access route
Before arriving to Kandovan, Osku county, East Azerbaijan, Iran
Access to vehicles
Hilevar Village
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