Darandash Valley

About: Darandash Valley

Darandash is a village 24 kilometers from Zonuz County in East Azerbaijan Province. It is known for its beautiful water passages that have been formed in the river path as a result of erosion. This valley, which is a protected area, is located in southeast mountainsides of Kiamaki heights.

General Specifications
Darandash Valley
Geographical features
This valley islocated at the southeastern slopes of Kiamaki highlands, which is one of the protected environmental areas.
Special features
Water canyons
Best time to visit
Necessary tools and equipment
Rock climbing tools, such as rope, ladder and etc
Nearest tourist attractions
Kiamaki mountain and Zidar mountain
Special Offer
Company of a guide familiar with rock climbing is necessary.
Access route
Slope of Zidar mountain, Darandash village, 24 kilometers from Zonuz, Marand county, East Azerbaijan, Iran
Darandash Valley
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