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Tourism villages of East Azerbaijan by its antiquity and beautiful architecture shows a sight of history and nature marvels to tourists. 
East Azerbaijan province with more than 26 villages of tourism purpose is one of the rich provinces in this case that some of the most famous villages are Kandovan, Eshtibin, Gol-Akhor, Khoshknab, Onsorud, Gonbarf, Tute-khane, Charaghil, Eskanlu, Noje mehr, Chekan, Agha baba Faramarzi, Kasin, Sefideh-Khan and Astmal. 
Masouleh, Abyaneh and Palengan are among the prettiest villages which their fame and popularity filled all the world, but Zonuzaq despite of having all features of these villages all in once, still it is unknown and obscure. 
Zonuzaq has been located in Marand County of east Azerbaijan and near Zonuz city. Amidst the mass and density of apricot and apple trees, you can see the view of interesting houses which have been sealed by straw and mud, raised up the hillside like a train of timbers, all the spaces between them have been filled by tall and old trees which have yellow, green and red hangings of apricot, apple and walnut. 
Zonuzaq is located on the foothills of castle mountain, and because of this, principles of stair architecture of Iran has been used; for the same reason, Zonuzagh has been famed as “Zonuz- e- dagh”, it means mountainous Zonuz and gradually it has converted into Zonuzaagh and Zonuzaq in slang. 

General Specifications
Has been estimated to the Mithraism period.
Local language
Azerbaijani Turkish
Local products and souvenirs
Zonuz apple, which is very famous.
Is one of the stairwise villages of Iran.
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Duration of visit
The more the merrier!
Similar villages and monuments
Nearest tourist attractions
Ancient Zonuzaq graveyard, Damji Qaya waterfall, ancient Zonuzaq castle.
Access route
One and half kilometers from Zonuz, 30 kilometers from Marand city, East Azerbaijan, Iran
Access to vehicles
Zonuzaq Village
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