Twin Waterfall of Chekan Village

About: Twin Waterfall of Chekan Village

Koureh Chekan waterfall is located in east Azerbaijan province and in Chekan village from environs of Maraghe County. This waterfall is twin and has about 9 meter height. 
Chekan village has been placed in a good weather valley and in south hillside of Sahand high mountains. Existence of tall trees such as walnuts, hazelnut and almonds, fruit gardens, intact nature together with beautiful springs and waterfalls has set this village in range of one of the most spectacular villages in east Azerbaijan. Sahand Mountain is one of the highest mountains of Azerbaijan and the most important silent volcanic mountains of Iran. Height of Sahand peaks is more than 3200 meters; Chekan village which is located on hillside of Sahand is a good location to ascend these peaks. Good-weather valleys of Sahand with green and productive pastures, grasslands and pretty wild flowers are the host of many tourists especially in spring ans summer. 

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Twin Waterfall of Chekan Village
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It'sof the mountain villages of Sahand region and has many a marvellous sights and places.
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The twin waterfall, the old railroad bridge,Emamzade and etc
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Chekan village, 5 kilometers from Maragheh, Maragheh county, East Azerbaijan, Iran
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Twin Waterfall of Chekan Village
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