Hampoeil Cave (Pigeon)

About: Hampoeil Cave (Pigeon)

Hampoeil or Pigeon cave is huge and dreaded limestone cave, yet is not entirely discovered. This cave is one of the wonders of Sahand mountains region. Near to this cave there is discovery of 200 thousand years of Stone Age human inhabit. 

Hampoeil cave is very interesting one for cavers with wells up to a depth of 48 meters. They have been 8 halls identified in this cave which some of them are gathering place for water.

There are some livings in this cave such as bat that you might see them during your visit.

General Specifications
Hampoeil Cave (Pigeon)
Due to gathering of wild pigeons in the mouth of the cave, it is known as Pigeon cave.
Geological history
It has been studied and the signs of the Paleolithic period humans has been observed here.
Physical features of the cave
The width of its enterance is 50x10 meters and its height reaches 25 to 40 meters.
Special features
Pigeon cave of Maragheh is among the most important and most interesting grey caves in the world, similar examples of which exist in the United States of America.
Duration of visit
2 hours
Similar caves
California caves, the United States
Necessary equipment
Caving equipment
Special Offer
Requires a professional caver
Access route
After Taze Kand Sofla village, 4 kilometers from the Maragheh train station, Maragheh county, East Azerbaijan, Iran
Access to vehicles
Access for the disabled with wheelchair
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Hampoeil Cave (Pigeon)
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