Moradian Ice-House, Maragheh

Behind the nursing school, Moallem street, Maragheh, East Azerbaijan, Iran
About: Moradian Ice-House, Maragheh

Moradian Ice-house was built during the Qajar period and it named after his owner’s name. Due to need of ice and impossibility of making ice during summer time, Iranian people invented Ice-house. During winter time, they would make ice and store in these ice-houses and use it during summer time. Moradian Ice-house was one of these ice-houses in Iran that it is being used as a tea house at the moment.

This historical place is registered as #23042 on the National Iranian Heritage list since July 23 2008.

How did ice production proccess in these ice-houses?

So in the cold winter time, they would fill the small pools next to these ice-houses with water and let it to freeze.

Once it was frozen, they would cut them in pieces and carry it to the ice-house, which was built in a way to isolate the warm and cold weather transmission. After laying one layer of ice in these ice-houses, they would cover it with straw and put the next layer on top of it, to make it easier to separate when they need to use it.

And usually in the bottom floor of ice house, they used to have drainage to drain melted ice’s water away from the bottom, so it doesn’t lead to more ice to be melting.

Once summer was arrived they would open the doors of these ice-houses for public to sell the ice for the families or people who might need ice to use.

General Specifications
Moradian Ice-House, Maragheh
Named after its builder
Late Qajar period
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15 minutes
Access route
Behind the nursing school, Moallem street, Maragheh, East Azerbaijan, Iran
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Moradian Ice-House, Maragheh
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