Gonbad-e Kabood, Maragheh

Mousavi street, Maragheh, East Azerbaijan, Iran
Visiting time:
Morning to evening
Weekly holiday:
It does not have.
Entrance fee(Iranian):
40.000 Rials
Intrance fee(Foreigners):
500.000 Rials
About: Gonbad-e Kabood, Maragheh

Gonbad-e Kabood-e Maragheh (Turquoise Dome of Maragheh) doesn’t have any inscription to identify the time of its construction, but experts refer it to Saljuk Period. And some believes it was built at 593 lunar calendars (1196 AD).
On its façade there are exquisite tiles like jeweled between bricks. And because tiles are used less than bricks on this building, the outcome turns out very beautiful. Gonbad-e Kabood has 10 angels and each of them is more than 6 meters wide.
The decorations used in this building are different and unique with compare to other constructions built during of Seljuk and Ilkhanid dynasties.
Gonbadeh Kabood is registered as #135 on the National Iranian Heritage list since January 5 1932.

General Specifications
Gonbad-e Kabood, Maragheh
Ilkhanid and Seljuk Dynasties
Architectural style
Razi style
Special features
It's of the unique buildingin terms of its decorations.
Best time to visit
Morning till evening
Duration of visit
Half an hour
Similar relics and places
The domes of Maragheh in terms of the architectural style.
Nearest tourist attractions
Round Tower of Maragheh
Special Offer
Visiting the sun clock of this complex.
Access route
Mousavi street, Maragheh, East Azerbaijan, Iran
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Gonbad-e Kabood, Maragheh
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