Aynaloo Protected Area (Arasbaran)

About: Aynaloo Protected Area (Arasbaran)

Aynaloo (Arasbaran) protected zone with area about 72 thousand kilometers has been placed on the south borders of Aras river in Kaleybar county and it has been recorded as location of biosphere reserve in UNESCO. It has special valuable herbs and animals, and natural, recreational and training tourism attractions. Arasbar or Arazbar and Ghare-dagh or Gharacheh Dagh are names that Arasbaran forest was known as these. Aynaloo area is a very small district of 80 thousand hectares protected zone of Arasbaran which from northwest ends to Vaighan village and from southeast reaches Balan and Behrouz village. Camping or protected area of Aynaloo with geographical coordinates of 46 degree and 47 minute of east length, and 38 degree and 53 minute of north width has been located in distance of 45 kilometer from Kaleybar County. 
The nature of this area is so pretty and glamorous and motivates every viewer. The first outstanding property is intactness of its nature. 
Its antiquity turns back to ice age and it is one of the rich ecosystems on earth. This area is covered by forest, steppe and other vegetation (vegetable covers). Aynaloo is a mountainous and lush forest area with marvelous nature and in its surroundings, there are tens of hectares of forest which have been fenced by environmental protection organization and it has been converted into a place for keeping some deer in order for public visit and proliferation and emancipation in whole area. 
The historic building Tomanians has been located in this area. 

General Specifications
Aynaloo Protected Area
Named after the village, in which the Aynalu palace is located.
1500 meters from sea level
Geographical features
Aynalu is only one district of the vast Arasbaran region.
Animal features
Actually, Aynalu region is the perservation area of the wild marals and gazelles.
Plant features
This area is covered with forests, steppes and other vegetation.
Special features
Its most important feature is that its nature is pristine and unspoilt and its most striking one is its numerous foggy days.
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer and early Fall
Necessary tools and equipment
Any kind of equipment necessary for a several-day-trip to the mountainous and jungle regions.
Similar places
Arasbaran jungles
Nearest tourist attractions
Aynalu palace
Access route
15 kilometers from Asheqlu village (bank of Aras river), 50 kilometers from Kaleybar, Khoda Afarnin county, East Azerbaijan, Iran
Restaurant at the beginning of ascension
Safekeeping at the beginning of ascension
Shelters on the path
Drinkable water spring on the path
Aynaloo Protected Area (Arasbaran)
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