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One of the oldest and prettiest villages in margin of Aras River is Ushtibin village. Homes decorated by transoms and marble inscriptions of Safavid era and attractive nature together with a forest of various fruits has made this village be named health village and has been set in list of recorded national works. 
Ushtibin has an ancient historic background and presence of Tat dialect in villages of this area (Karingan and Mardanaqom) are indicators of historic bright literature of this village. The stair-like Ushtibin village which is related to Safavid era. The elegant and verdurous nature of this village depicts the heaven for us. The houses of this village have great architecture. Presently, there are some inscriptions in Thuluth in this village which are related to Shah Tahmasb and Shah Abbas Safavi era. And also, in its ancient graveyard, some inscriptions have been remained. Besides, among other historical opuses in this village, it can be referred to door stone of village’s homes that one of them has been attributed to monarchy era of Sultan Mohammad Khoda Bandeh. This village is one of the rare villages of east Azerbaijan in which tens of books and historic works including Naderi history book are kept among people of village. The interesting point is that people of this village are so sensitive to preserve the works of their artists and they themselves try to keep them. 
Ushtibin village has been recorded as one of national works of Iran with register number 2692 in 17th Khordad, 1379 (2000), and it is considered as one of the attractive tourist locations for this area such that its natural landscape catches the eyes of every visitor. 

General Specifications
A few thousand years BC
Local language
Azerbaijani Turkish
Local products and souvenirs
Silk production, variety of the region's native fruits, honey and etc
Stairwise village
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Duration of visit
The more the merrier!
Nearest tourist attractions
The touristic attractions of Jolfa county such as the ruined mill and the historic complex of Kordasht village.
Access route
Nodarz-Kordasht road, Jolfa county, East Azerbaijan, Iran
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Ushtibin Village
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