Duzal Village and its Famous Tower

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About: Duzal Village and its Famous Tower

Dozal village is environs of Jolfa and is located near Aras River and border of Armenia. This village has many shrines and people travel here from near and far villages. Among these shrines, Sho’eib shrine is one of the most important tourism places. Erections of shrines has remained from Ilkhanate era. 

General Specifications
Local language
Azerbaijani Turkish
Local products and souvenirs
Rie, fig, pomegranate
The ancient Duzal tower is located at this village
Important parts to visit
Duzal tower
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Duration of visit
One day
Nearest tourist attractions
Kordasht historical complex
Access route
20 kilometers north of Kharvana, 65 kilometers from Jolfa, Jolfa county, East Azerbaijan province, Iran
Duzal Village and its Famous Tower
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