Chapel of Chupan Jolfa

The small and beautiful village, a few hundred meters from the Iran and The Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan..

After Khajeh Nazar caravanserai, 5 kilometers from Jolfa road to Aras dam, Jolfa county, East Azerbaijan, Iran
Visiting time:
All the hours
Weekly holiday:
Does not have, but the door of this small chapel is always closed.
Annual holidays:
Does not have
About: Chapel of Chupan Jolfa

Andrew Verti or Chupan Chapel has been built in 16th century AD and ir has been renovated in 1836 AD. This place is location of worship by Armenia shepherds who were inhabited in villages around Sham village. 
This church is among the monuments of Iran which through 32nd meeting has been recorded in list of world heritage of UNESCO in 2008.
After Shah Abbas the great changed the capital of Iran from Tabriz to Esfahan, he transferred the residents of Jolfa who were Armenian to Esfahan and made a city there with this name and accommodated them. Regarding that the inhabitants of this area were Armenian, there are numerous churches in different parts of Jolfa including a famous section named “Sham Village”, these churches are church of saint Stephanus, saint Anrovit, church of Nakhirchi, Chupan church, Farhadi church, church of Sorep George (Agh church), Grigorous church (Ghareh church), church of Virgin Mary. 
This historic place has been counted as one of tourist attracting locations due to being on the way of Aras tourist route and it is the host of myriads of tourists. 

General Specifications
Chapel of Chupan
The was the place of worship for the Armenian shepherds residing in the villages around Darashamb.
16 th century
Architectural style
Special features
It has been built so, during its construction, that it has become an inseparable part of the nature there.
UNESCO World Heritage
Best time to visit
Spring until early Fall
Duration of visit
Half an hour
Nearest tourist attractions
Khajeh Nazar caravanserai is 2 kilometers towards Jolfa and Saint Stepanos monastery is 10 to 15 kilometers away.
Access route
After Khajeh Nazar caravanserai, 5 kilometers from Jolfa road to Aras dam, Jolfa county, East Azerbaijan, Iran
Access to vehicles
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Chapel of Chupan Jolfa
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