Pristine and Beautiful Touristic Area of Hurand

Hurand, of the touristic areas of Arasbaran

About: Pristine and Beautiful Touristic Area of Hurand

The protected area of Hurand is one of the intact and marvelous area of Arasbaran in east Azerbaijan province. Hurand area includes high mountains and various trees that astonishes every visitor. 
Hurand County which was one of the environs of Ahar County was constituted in Mordad of 1392 (2013) by proclamation of first assistant of president. 

General Specifications
Pristine and Beautiful Touristic Area of Hurand
Some say that the name Hurand is taken from the Hurrian people.
Geographical features
13 thousand hectares of pristine Arasbaran jungles, natural pastures and resources, more than a thousand and three hundred plant species.
Animal features
Brown bears, wild boar, fox, jackal, wolf, caracal and birds such as partridge, grey partridge, Eurasian jay, Red-billed chough and birds of prey such as golden eagle, falcon.
Plant features
Different exquisite plant and tree species, of yew, hornbeam, oak, hazel, walnut, sumac and etc.
Special features
Pure and natural sumac of the Hurand villages is one of the important products of the region.
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Necessary equipment
Mountaineering and tourism equipment such as tents, camera and etc.
Nearest tourist attractions
Arasbaran jungles
Access route
Hurand, East Azerbaijan, Iran
Residence at the beginning
Shelters on the path
Drinkable water spring on the path
Pristine and Beautiful Touristic Area of Hurand

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