Okuz Daghi Heris

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Okuz Daqi Mountain and its remedial spring is one of the spectacular places of Heris County that every year it is the host of tourists and kidney patients in all seasons of the year. Okuz Daqi Mountain has been placed on tourist route of Heris-Meshkin Shahr and in distance of 7 kilometers from Heris.
Popularity of this mountain depends not only on its heights and pleasing valleys but also on its spring full of water in heart of heights. More visitors come to see this spring than other mountains because it has so healthy water that drinking it can wash away your kidney stones.

General Specifications
Okuz Daghi
In Turkish, Okuz means Ox and Dagh means mountains.
3100 meters to the summit
Geographical features
There are beautiful highlands and valleys.
Animal features
Partridge and etc
Plant features
Medicinal plants and all kinds of ediable mushrooms.
Special features
Has a mineral water spring.
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer and early Fall
Estimated required time for the ascent
2 to 3 hours
Necessary tools and equipment
Mountaineering and picnic equipment.
Nearest tourist attractions
Rhubarb mountain and the ancient graveyard of Hiq village.
Access route
7 kilometers from Heris, touristic road of Heris-Meshginshahr, Heris county, East Azerbaijan, Iran
Parking at the beginning of ascension
Restroom at the beginning of ascension
Restaurant at the beginning of ascension
Buffet at the beginning of ascension
Safekeeping at the beginning of ascension
Drinkable water spring on the path
Okuz Daghi Heris

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