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Bostan Abad hot spring complex has been built in its old place which used to be a dome made of brick and stone until half a century ago. It is attributed to Abbas Mirza Na'eb-es-Saltaneh, Fath Ali Shah's son, who used it as a bathroom while residing in Chaman Ojan mansion. This complex hosts millions of foreign and domestic travelers and tourists all year around. 
Due to the effect of this hot spring in curing many diseases and disabilities like acne, arthritis, burn, muscular disorders, depression, headache, sleep disorders, paralysis, stroke, gastrointestinal complaint, and skin and kidney diseases, tourists flock to Bostan Abad County in Nowruz (New Year) holidays. 
Bostan Abad has other famous hot springs such as Goozsooyi and Qootoorsooyi springs that are among tourist attractions of the county.

General Specifications
Bostanabad Hotsprings
It can be categorized as mineral and sulfate waters and in it are a small amount of bicarbonates.
Healing properties
For relaxation and relieving constipation and digstive diseases,, joint and bone pains such as foot pains, backaches, headaches
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Similar hydrotherapies
In terms of properties, this spring is similar to the mineral springs of Saint Gervais in Haute-Savoie department, France.
Necessary equipment
Swimsuit is necessary
Nearest tourist attractions
Gurigol Lake
Access route
Bostanabad Hotspring complex, Bostanabad, East Azerbaijan, Iran
Access to vehicles
Network coverage
Bostanabad Hotsprings

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