Gurigol Lake

International wetland

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Ghourygul Wetland is one of the very important environmental resources of the province registered as one of the international protected wetlands in the country. This wetland lies in East Azerbaijan Province 18 kilometers northwest of Bostan Abad County. 
Ghourygul wetland is among international registered wetlands in Ramsar Convention. It has national and international importance for a number of aquatic migrating and protected birds in terms of habitat. Hunting was declared illegal in 1994. 
Currently, there are supportive programs in this wetland including protecting lake's water and declaring hunting illegal to protect animal species around the lake. 
It is a permanent freshwater wetland. Its water is supplied through precipitation, the springs at the bottom of the wetland, and small water flows resulting from melted snow; no river flows into the wetland.

General Specifications
Gurigol Lake
Is of the inland wetland types
In deepest parts it reaches 13 meters of depth.
Animal features
This wetland has international importance for migratory birds in terms of habitat; also other animals of the region are : field mice, social vole, wolf, fox and beech marten.
Plant features
Curled pondweed, buttercups, comb qushab, different types of algae and Phytoplanktons.
Protected area
Best time to visit
The ideal time for photography is from May to September
Duration of visit
One day
Nearest tourist attractions
Saidabad plains, Hydrotherapy complex of Bostanabad
Access route
Next to Amnab (Imnab) village, tansit road of Tabriz-Bostanabad, 45 kilometers east of Tabriz, Bostanabad county, East Azerbaijan, Iran
Access to vehicles
Gurigol Lake

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